Digital Signage for Highway Management

How Linkwave can help

Sending information to digital road signs is usually a function carried out within highway control centres. Electronic signage for major roads across the country is an essential part of the smart road/motorway initiative. Communication to these installations is vital for the smooth & safe flow of traffic, and also for critical emergency services. 

Our solutions are in use across the country - updating messages on permanent and temporary digital display installations at any time, from any location. Robust, secure connected devices can react to sensors and generate network reports, and seamlessly adjust alerts according to changes in circumstance and surroundings, such as weather conditions, light levels, traffic, and diversions - resulting in improved road safety, and more efficient operation across our road infrastructure.


Benefits of cellular connectivity for highway management

- Provides data transfer function by public cellular network

- Maximum security transition in real-time

- Live streams using hi-speed LTE network

- Monitoring and remote access, saving on site visitation

How it works