Digital Signage

Deliver up-to-date, localised content

Digital Signage has been helping businesses across the globe leverage huge volumes of data. Innovation comes when businesses discover how they can take that data and incorporate it into their business flow systems, such as part of their CRM or ERP system and also to help inform their IoT strategy, for example.

The benefits of working with Linkwave is that we can offer insight and technical support to help understand how to make sense of the data from your digital signage deployments. You will find our solutions across an array of sectors including banking, retail and the media advertising landscape.

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Digital signage application examples


Our secure, easy-to-integrate communications devices for digital signage offer reliable connectivity – allowing you to manage and update localised content remotely.


Streamline travel and transportation operations with reliable communications solutions for digital travel information, emergency notices, and wayfinding information.

Highway Management

Easily update messages on permanent and temporary digital notices any time, from any location, with robust, secure connected devices.