Cumulus Dual 4G LTE WiFi Router

Celerway | 1 x 4G LTE dual SIM & WiFi router
Suitable for connection to remote devices such as ATM's, ticketing kiosks and other POS devices. Utilising 6 simultaneous WAN connection (1 cellular 4G LTE) with a maximum load balancing capacity of 95 Mbps and 20 Mbps over VPN.
Celerway Cumulus Dual is the perfect match for M2M with special need for uptime and 4G backup. 1 x 4G modem with dual SIM, 5 ethernet ports and WiFi provide resilient and reliable internet connections. CAT6 - LTE450 is also possible.
A holistic approach to quality measurements in terms of collecting 50+ physical parameters and running innovative passive and lightweight active measurements ensure optimal and seamless load balancing and failover, also for VPN. The Celerway Phantom gateway ensures seamless user experience also in highly mobile scenarios.

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Celerway Mobile-first SDWAN Software Antenna OpenWRT Modem Cellular 4GLTE Cumulus Router

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