CTi is an established innovative brand powered by AAMP Global. They provide all of their customers, whether in the UK or overseas, with a high-quality range of antenna solutions and accessories.
They also provide a bespoke design service where they can design and manufacture tailored antenna products to meet specific customer needs. Their products and services are supported by a UK based research & development team that employ the most advanced design, simulation and development tools.


  • Spider Patch Antenna GSM/3G/Bluetooth
    CTi | GSM/3G/Bluetooth
    The CTi Spider Patch Antenna is a quarter wave adhesive patch antenna, suitable for mounting on glass or plastic surface.
  • CTi | GSM/3G/Bluetooth IP67
    Linkwave variant code:   2103-01   (3.25MSMA plug) 2103-02  (2.5M FME jack)   2103-03 (290mm SMA plug)     About   Spider Patch Antenna...
  • CTi | Quad-Band Dipole Swivel Antenna
    A half wave GSM stubby antenna with swivel mount. 


  • CTi | GSM/3G/Bluetooth
    Linkwave variant code:   2105-01   (2.5M FME jack) 2105-02  (2.5M SMA plug)   2105-03 (1.0M SMA plug)     About   An adhesive mount...
  • CTi | GSM/3G/Bluetooth
    Linkwave variant code:   2106-01 (3.5M)    4908-03 (5M)    4908-02 (10M)    4908-01 (15M)     About   The AO100 antenna is a...
  • CTi Panel Mount Dipole Antenna
    CTi | Body / Panel Mount Dipole Antenna
    Variant code:  2104-XX (variant code differs according to cable / connector requirements. Click here for more information about available variants.)
  • ¼ wave body mount antenna
    CTi | GSM/3G
    Linkwave variant code:   2128-01   About   The CTi Body Mount Antenna GSM/3G is a ¼ wave body mount antenna, suitable for GSM and 3G...
  • CTi | 850/900/1800/1900MHz 2.5M SMA Plug RG174
    Linkwave variant code:   2109-01     About   Kit Contents:   • 1x Plastic ‘T’ Moulding with AG360 Antenna fitted (See AG360 data...
  • CTi | 900/1800/1900MHz 100mm UFL
    Linkwave variant code:   2112-01     About   The CTi Multi-Band PCB Antenna has 100mm of coaxial cable terminated with a U.fl connector.
  • CTi | Straight SMA Plug
    Linkwave variant code:   2122-01     About   The CTi Stub Antenna is a straight stub antenna with SMA plug covering the 850/900/1800/1900/...
  • CTi | Right Angled SMA Plug
    Linkwave variant code:   4901-01     About   The CTI GSM Stub Antenna is a multi-Band right-angled stub antenna with an SMA (m) connector. 3G...
  • CTi | 2.4GHz, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, SMA-RP
    Linkwave variant code:   2127-01   About   A 5/8 wave hinged antenna suitable for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee or other 2.4GHz applications. The...
  • CTi | Outdoor Colinear Antenna
    Linkwave variant code:   2129-01    (5M) 2129-02 (10M)     About   The AO100/4G is based around the popular wall mounted AO100. It has the...