Citizen services and social engagement

How Linkwave can help

Cities are made safer with applications such as connected CCTV and automated streetlights, and people now have faster access to transportation – from taxi booking apps and smart bus shelters, to mobile-unlockable bike hire and electric car charging. Shopping experiences are also enhanced; with quicker check-out at self-serve retail kiosks, trackable food ordering apps, and contactless payment systems.

Example: A city council integrates an LTE industrial gateway into their lighting standards to enable high-bandwidth connectivity and real-time streaming video at each fixture to notify the controller when a vehicle or person is within the lighting area. The amount of light can be controlled to the area, and verbal announcements or instructions can be issued. This leads to less energy consumption, and a reduction in crime within parking lots - ensuring a level of safety for the public.


Benefits of cellular connectivity for citizen services

- Increased public safety

- Increased public engagement with city services

- Less pollution due to an increase in electric transport means

- Up-to-date and relevant information via street messaging systems

- Better management of movement within city areas.

How it works