Cellular Wireless Solutions for Vending

Implement a streamlined, cost-effective vending solution


Increase revenue, reduce waste, and retain customers with devices equipped with real-time remote monitoring solutions for a streamlined vending service. 

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Vending application examples

Automated Dispensers

Transform customer automated dispenser experiences with cashless payment, touch screens and targeted advertising with the aid of dependable wireless solutions offering real-time management capabilities; allowing you to quickly identify inventory demand, customer behaviour and maintenance requirements.

Digital Kiosks

Provide a valuable public service, gather useful user insights and trends, and remotely manage and track your kiosks – even in locations where fixed wire provisioning is impractical – with easy-to-install, cost-saving wireless solutions.


Ensure asset security and continuous connectivity across gaming devices with reliable wireless solutions. Analyse user trends to enhance player experience, seamlessly implement game updates, and quickly administer bug fixes with the aid of a proven real-time IoT platform.