Cellular Wireless Solutions for Utilities

Cost-effective communications solutions for data transfer and predictive maintenance

Before cellular networks became a viable option, utilities had one choice in building a communications layer across the distribution network: creating their own private wireless networks.

One of the critical components of grid modernisation is a reliable, affordable communications network with enough bandwidth to send real-time grid data to back-office systems, and to cover the miles of distribution network where visibility is lacking.

Utilising today's ubiquitous cellular networks as the communications layer for grid modernisation is seen as a viable choice for utilities companies.


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Utility application examples


Implement the best solutions for electricity data management with reliable cellular solutions from Linkwave.


Save costs and quickly rectify maintenance issues with the aid of reliable cellular solutions that can withstand challenging environments and allow for real-time utility management.

Oil and Gas

By providing reliable wireless technology from antennas and sensors to intelligent gateways, Linkwave can help overcome a range of challenges within the oil & gas industry.