Cellular 5-in-1 4G LTE MIMO WiFi ISM GNSS Antenna

2J | 2J7050BGFa Screw Mount LTE WiFi GNSS MIMO Antenna
2× 4G LTE MIMO/FirstNet/LPWA/NB-IoT/Cat-X-Mx-NBx/3G/2G
2× 2.4-5.0GHz MIMO/WiFi/Sigfox/LoRa/LPWA/BT/ZigBee/RFID/ISM
Mounting Screw Mount
Dimensions (mm) Ø 96 x H 90
Operating temperature -40 °C to +85 °C
Certificates IP67, IK09, IP69
Standard colors Black / White

The Heavy-duty antenna that offers multiple technologies in one small form factor. A ground plane independent heavy-duty, high performance dome antenna that is suitable for 4G LTE, WiFi & GNSS / GPS applications.

Also known as the "Medusa", it provides connectivity for LTE-MIMO, Dual-Band WiFi-MIMO. GNSS - GPS and GLONASS

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Cellular Dome 2J 5in1 GNSS WiFi 4G LTE

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