Automated Dispensers

How Linkwave can help

Vending dispenser machines require stock level monitoring and maintenance. Regular visits are made to re-fill the dispensers with products, and to maintain or repair them. Fixing a cellular modem or router to a dispenser can help save on operational costs and provide up-to-date information as to the status of the machine and its stock levels. Best seller reports of product lines can also be generated, along with other trend analysis data so that maximum return on investment can be realised. Linkwave has a range of suitable products that can withstand the enclosed environments of vending machines and their optimum operating temperatures.

Benefits of cellular connectivity for automated dispensers

- Generate new revenue streams
- Smart payments by NFC/Top-up-card
- Digital content delivery to increase sales and sell advertisements
- Reduce Opex    
- Remote maintenance diagnosis & energy savings
- Inventory management.

How it works