AirPrime WP8548

Sierra Wireless | Embedded Wireless Module
The Sierra Wireless AirPrime WP8548 is an industrial-grade LGA 239-pad module. Its wireless modem provides voice and data connectivity on HSPA, WCDMA, EDGE and GPRS networks. The WP8548 includes GNSS functionality.
The AirPrime WP8548 also embeds several cores for maximum flexibility and security for embedded software execution, including:
  • A Telecom Core that natively manages 2G / 3G modem features
  • An Application Core dedicated to customer applications, natively provided with Linux operating system
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  • ARM core application processor with dedicated Flash and RAM running Legato
  • GNSS receiver
  • Provides voice and data connectivity on HSPA, WCDMA, EDGE and GPRS networks
  • Industrial-grade LGA 239-pad module
  • CF3 form factor
  • Compact, robust, fully shielded and labelled module
  • Free unlimited firmware over-the-air (FOTA) upgrades for the lifetime of the module
  • Open hardware reference design from Project MangOH


Air Interface
Frequency Bands
  • 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Power Supply
  • Max 4.3V
Regulatory Approvals
  • WP8548: FCC/IC, R&TTE WP8548: GCF-CC, PTCRB
Standby current consumption
  • 1mA
Application Core
  • ARM® Cortex™-A5 (550MHz)
Embedded Software Environment
  • Legato (Linux)
  • 22 x 23 x 4.35 (mm)
  • -40°C/ +85°C



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