AirPrime HL7692

Sierra Wireless | LTE Wireless Module
Sierra WIreless AirPrime HL7692 Wireless Module

The Sierra Wireless AirPrime HL7692 is a 4G/LTE Cat-1 band embedded wireless module with 2G-GSM/GPRS/EDGE fallback. It offers a low cost, low power solution for Europe-based deployments. The AirPrime® HL Series modules is the smallest, scalable, flexible solution in a compact and easy-to-integrate form factor that is completely interchangeable among 2G, 3G, and 4G technologies. Compact form factor, network scalability, and ready-to-use firmware upgrades make these modules ideal for industrial M2M solution designs where size and deployment longevity are important considerations.


  • Compact CF3 form factor for easy integration – 23mm x 22mm x 2.5mm 
  • 4G - LTE bands with fallback to 2G 
  • Low cost
  • Very low power consumption
  • Region: Europe
  • Reliable proven IoT and M2M connectivity
  • Compatible footprint size with the rest of the HL series
  • Secure boot and value-add firmware with free unlimited firmware over-the-air upgrades


4G LTE Cat 1 Frequency Bands
  • B3, B8, B20
  • GSM/GPRS: 900, 1800
  • UART (1)
  • USB (1)
  • ADC (2)
  • GPIO (8)
  • Flash LED Output (1)
  • PWM (Buzzer) (1)
  • Tx Burst Indicator (1)
  • SIM Interface 1.8V/3V (DSSS Support) (1)
Internet Services
Power Supply for Extended Battery Life
  • 2.8V
Alarm (leakage only)
  • 110uA
Regulatory Approvals
  • CE, GCF

Temperature Range

  • Industrial Grade -40°C to +85°C




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