AirLink Mounting Bracket For LS300

Mounting Brackets
Flat Surface Mount for mounting the LS300 on a flat surface,


The kit contains:
  •  Bracket – Qty 1
  •  Screw M3 – Qty 4
  •  Screw M4 – Qty 4
To mount the LS300 on a flat surface using the mounting bracket:
  •  Line up the LS300 with either set 1 or set 2 holes in the flat back of the bracket, depending on the desired orientation (see Figure 2-6: Airlink LS300 User Guide). 
  •  Attach the LS300 to the bracket with the three mounting screws.
  • Attach the bracket/LS300 combination to the mounting surface
  • Connect the bracket to ground (the battery or power source negative terminal) by connecting a grounding strap under one of the mounting bracket screws. This provides protection from electrostatic discharges.


Bracket Measurements:

  • 119mm wide x 70mm high;
  •  raised area 89mm wide (6mm rise from flat surface);
  •  30mm main screw hole area width; main screw positions on bracket at 106mm width  x 60mm high



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