AirLink FXT009

END OF LIFE — see description for suggested replacements

The FXT009 is now end of life. Suggested replacements are GL8200 or Maestro M100-3G. The Maestro M100-3G supports OpenAT and has similar cable connectivity to the FXT009.


The Sierra Wireless AirLink FXT009 Programmable Gateway offers quad-band EDGE connectivity, aluminium form-factor that is ideal for industrial applications.

The FXT009 can be used as a GSM modem, providing SMS, voice/audio and circuit switched data connectivity. The built-in IP stack provides simple set up of IP over GPRS/EDGE sessions. It can be easily integrated to a wide range of industrial equipment, allowing remote monitoring and control. The FXT009 can also be used as a standalone product; with an embedded customer application developed using the Sierra Wireless Development Suite.

The AirLink FXT009 features an open-standard expansion card interface, enabling you to add additional IO connectivity or features like GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and more. Sierra Wireless expansion cards can be used, or you can develop your own expansion card. Available off-the-shelf expansion cards from Sierra Wireless include; AirLink Ethernet Expansion Card for FX Series Modems.


  • Serial and USB EDGE Modem
  • TCP-IP stack
  • Programmable
  • Digital I/Os, audio, low power, Ethernet (option)
  • Expansion Card slot
  • Industrial Specification


Air Interface
  • EDGE
  • GPRS
  • GSM
Frequency Bands
  • 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • R&TTE, CE, GCF, FCC, PTCRB, China RTE 
  • AT&T
Alarm Power
  • 400uA
Standby and Idle Power
  • 2.5mA
GSM GPRS Max Power
  • 400mA
CPU Processor Performance
  • ARM946/DSP
CPU Core Frequency Performance
  • 104MHz (26MHz)
CPU User MIPS Available Performance
  • 87MIPS
CPU IO Voltage Performance
  • 2.5-15V
CPU Analog Audio Performance
  • 1 x speaker out - 1 x micro in
  • HR, FR, EFR, AMR
  • VDA2A
Echo Cancellation and Noise Reduction
  • Yes (high)
  • Yes
  • 2 (1 on internal expansion connector)
  • 1
  • 2 on internal expansion connector
  • No
  • 1 on internal extension connector
  • 1 on internal extension connector
  • Yes
  • Yes
Interrupts Pins
  • 1 on internal expansion connector
Flash LED Output
  • Network
PWM Buzzer
  • No
Keyboard Interface
  • No
SIM Interface
  • SIM socket (1.8V/3V)
Antenna Diversity
  • No
Embedded SIM
  • Yes
Operating Systems
  • Linux
  • Windows
Device Management
  • Yes
  • Linux
  • Windows
Device Dimensions
  • 89x60x30mm



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