AirLink Complete

What's Included?

- Access to cloud-based Network Management tools - licenses allow ALMS, ALMS ARA, AMM

- Direct, 24/7 access (2pm-1am GMT) to Sierra Wireless customer support with online ticket submission and tracking 

- Hardware warranty (extended to five years max)

- Free firmware updates over the life of your device

- Free access to all documentation and software downloads at The Source



Cost effective
Monitor data transmissions and set caps on data transmissions to reduce the potential for costly data overages caused by unauthorised high-bandwidth activities, maintenance issues, or other unexpected scenarios.

Improved security
Quickly and easily deliver over-the-air firmware updates and apply security patches across your devices to mitigate against cyber attacks.

Predictive maintenance
Maintenance alerts and the ability to remotely diagnose and fix maintenance issues to help customers prevent problems that can lead to a reduction in revenues, slow response to mission-critical situations, and lost customers. 

Fast, reliable support
Access to 24/7 technical and emergency support with online ticketing and rapid response to service requests.

Eligible Devices (Excluding MG90)


Eligible AirLink devices include:

Essential Series: LX, ES, LS

Performance Series: MP, RV. GX 

Please note: the AirLink MG90 is not eligible for AirLink Complete.


Eligible customers

New customers

All new customers of AirLink routers* and gateways will receive one complimentary year of AirLink Complete, with the option to extend this coverage over the life of the deployment.

Existing customers

Devices purchased after 1st December 2018, registered within 60 days, are eligible for AirLink Complete. Customers currently making use of a Free Tier account can find out more here.


*except MG90

After Year One

Your AirLink Complete package lasts for one year. After one year, customers have the option to choose a support and management service to suit their needs. Those wanting to make use of access to technical and emergency support can renew AirLink Complete, whilst others may opt for management only services. Customers are also offered the opportunity to access more in-depth reporting services, such as ALMS ARA, AMM.

Firmware updates and warranty remain included at no extra cost.

All purchased hardware still comes with the standard 3 year warranty, and customers can choose to extend their warranties to five years - even if they decide not to maintain their Complete package after year one.

Access - How Do I Register My Device?

Only devices purchased after December 1st 2018 are eligible for AirLink Complete, and can be registered by partners or customers within 60 days of receipt from an authorised Sierra Wireless partner.

Devices can be registered by simply completing and submitting the registration form at the following link:

You will require the following information to register your device:

- ALMS account name (if you have one)

- General company information

- List of authorised people to contact Customer Support

- List of serial numbers and IMEIs for the devices to be registered

Following registration, you will be provided with email credentials to log in to the Customer Support Portal, where you can log and track tickets. You can also access support via telephone.

Customer support

Customers can access 24/7 technical support via the Customer Support Portal:

Click here


Free Tier customers

With the introduction of AirLink Complete, ALMS free tier will be discontinued, and all existing Free Tier accounts will be converted to standard accounts on April 1st, 2019. All free tier account holders will be credited access to ALMS for the remainder of 2019 (ending Dec 31st). 

Sierra Wireless will contact Free Tier customers prior to April 1st to communicate further information regarding this change.