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Linkwave Technologies is a provider of wireless communications components and modules, specialising in 2G / 3G, 4G / LTE, Wi-Fi and Location based products.

We supply a wide range of devices from recognised global industry leaders, offering you reliable and proven technology to support your needs.
Our comprehensive portfolio of wireless connectivity products, together with our knowledge and experience of our product range and the underlying technologies, enables us to assist you with your choice of wireless solution and to support you throughout your project lifecycle.
We are able to assist in the fulfilment of your wireless connectivity requirements through the provision of design support, software support and development, manufacturing introduction, product customisation / configuration and specialised M2M airtime offers. We can advise on use of products in low power designs, integration of products into systems using embedded operating systems etc.
Most of our product lines are available ex-stock, for next day delivery.
For further information regarding our range of product and services, call us on +44 (0)1522 884750 or fill in our enquiry form.