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The LP[G]AM-BC3G-26 range has been designed to provide MiMo Cellular / LTE antenna function for IOT and M2M applications.

The antenna can be fitted on a non-conductive panel if required* and offers easy, quick, secure, and weatherproof installation with the single hole mounting bush and acrylic adhesive sealing pad. Supplied with integrated 1m (3.3’) or 3m (10’) cable and SMA plug connectors, the antenna will offer plug and play connectivity with many different terminals

Panorama part numbers:
LPAM-BC3G-26-1SP - 1 Metre leads (non-GNSS)
LPAM-BC3G-26-3SP - 3 Metre leads (non-GNSS)
LGAM-BC3G-26-3SP - 3 Metre leads (with GNSS)

Supplier reference - see data sheet.

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